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All lessons are individual plans. I do not follow a curriculum other than the school’s curriculum. We work on your specific needs, which are always changing. I am flexible with my teaching.

Math Formula on a Chalkboard

Full Semester Weekly Ongoing Support

If you’re looking for consistent support at the same time weekly, this is the service you are looking for.

Student Grade A+

Grade 10 Prep

Is your grade 9 student ready for grade 10 math? Why wait to find out in October when students receive their first test mark?

Halifax University Tutoring

University Prep

Get a refresher on requirements for your upcoming course and get a sneak peak at the new content you’ll be learning.

Summer Tutoring Doing Online Tutoring

Keep the Momentum in the Summer

Keep your skills strong so you are ready for September, "if you don't use it, you lose it."

Math Studies

Periodic Support

For students who are generally doing well, but sometimes need clarification, this service is for you.

Halifax Tutor Sara Young

Group Tutoring

If you learn best when working with others, or you want to save money but still get the same quality instruction, group tutoring might be the best fit for you.

Male High School Student Holding Books


Combat boredom and satisfy your middle school student’s curiosity.

Calculator and Math Equations

Fill in the Gaps

Learn concepts that are the building blocks you never mastered or were never taught to achieve higher scores in your current course.

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“In my first year of university at Dalhousie I found myself a bit overwhelmed with some of my more difficult courses luckily I saw the “Ms.Teachalot” poster hanging in the Killam. Sara has helped me with chemistry, calculus, and statistics. After starting tutoring part way through the first semester I found myself more collected and my performance with quizzes and assignment began to rise. When I started tutoring with Sara my GPA was a 3.4 and I finished second semester with a 4.1!  Despite my first year being cut short due to Covid-19 I was still able to continue tutoring with Sara online and it was amazing! Thank You Sara for everything you have done for me during the good and crazy times during my first year in University. I feel more confident going into my second year!”


Keely Matsusaki, MATH 1215, STAT 1060 & CHEM 1011/1012

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