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Fill in the Gaps 

For grades 7 through to University level Math, Statistics, and Chemistry.


Our school system is such that students can move on to the next level of learning when maybe they didn’t actually master what they needed to be ready for the next level. Math especially is a subject where concepts build on one another. Although students may understand the next topic they are learning, they may still be scoring low on assessments because they also require those building blocks throughout the problem they are solving…. you know a common culprit: fractions! These building blocks are often NOT revisited by their current teacher because it’s an outcome the student already met…. or did they? And so, your student begins to lose confidence and gives up trying because they feel defeated.

Students are often reluctant to admit that they don’t know something they would have been taught in a previous school year. Weekly meetings help to develop trust with a tutor so the student feels comfortable asking questions they think are “dumb”. Meeting with me, your tutor, to fill in those gaps will result in increased test scores and increased confidence.

This service is a commitment for the entire semester. We meet at the same time weekly. Payment for the following month’s appointments is due one week before the first of the month.

If you aren’t interested in committing to the entire semester, then the “Periodic Support” service is best for you.


Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“After a moment of panic and complete confusion in my statistics lab, I quickly went on a search for a tutor.  Fortunately for me, Sara still had a weekly appointment available and I eagerly took it.  Best decision I made in the semester.  Sara was friendly, professional and explained concepts in many ways in order to help me grasp the material. Thanks to her help and numerous examples, I succeeded in not only passing my class but passing with an A!  I highly recommend working with Sara, she is an excellent tutor.”


Olivia Osburn, Math 2208, MSVU

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