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Weekly Class Support

For grades 7 through to University level Math, Statistics, and Chemistry

If you’re looking for consistent support at the same time weekly, this is the service you are looking for.

With this service students will get clarification regarding their teacher’s notes, an extra lesson on a topic they didn’t understand, help with homework and assignments, and test preparation. Assessment is ongoing. When gaps are identified while working through problems together, that topic can be revisited and practiced. If the student is caught up on all current classroom work, we can get a head start on the next topic being introduced in class. Students who are ahead of the class are much more confident and have more success.

When students meet with a tutor weekly a relationship is formed. Students are more comfortable and more willing to ask questions. Also, the tutor will be able to identify the student’s learning style and can adjust their teaching accordingly.

It is recommended students begin at the start of the semester for best results.

This service is a commitment for the entire semester. To see the schedule that I follow, visit my Schedule page. Payment for the following month’s appointments is due one week before the first of the month.

If you aren’t interested in committing to the entire semester, then the “Periodic Support” service is best for you.


Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“My prior experience with university-level statistics was one of fear, total confusion, and very poor grades. With tutoring, I developed confidence in my own ability to problem-solve, apply the correct formulas, and think clearly: In short, I understood the concepts thoroughly, and wrote my exams with confidence. I also got an A!”

Jamie MacDougall, Stats 1060, Dalhousie University, C+ to an A

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