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University Preparation

For University Prep courses, and University Math, Statistics, and Chemistry courses.


If you struggled with math or chemistry in high school, your school was not able to complete the curriculum, or it’s been a long time since you’ve practiced math and chemistry problems, preparing for what’s to come will lessen the stress you may experience in your university course.

In the summer months preceding their university course, students will benefit greatly from tutoring. With this service I give students a head start on their course’s curriculum. While we work together on problems, gaps will be identified and we can address those issues. Students will be more confident and less anxious starting university if they continue learning in the summer months.

There are two scheduling options:

  1. If you are prepping in the summer months, appointments are made week to week via weekly availability emails. Contact me to request placement on the summer mailing list (July-August) to remain informed of my availability. Payment is due within the hour of confirmation of the appointment; otherwise, it is made available to the next student.

  2. Scheduling for prep during the school year (September-June) is a weekly commitment and dependent on the semester. Contact me to request placement on the appropriate mailing list: Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April), or Spring (May-June). Payment for the following month’s appointments is due one week before the first of the month.


Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“I was never a strong math student. Going into university I didn’t have an academic math credit or even have grade 12 math. I even tried taking a prerequisite math course and to put it in perspective so you understand my math abilities, I was getting anywhere from 20%-30% on my tests. I needed to take statistics to complete my degree. I knew I would need help and to say Sara helped me is the biggest understatement. I met with Sara throughout my time in both Math 2208 and Math 2209 and I was able to get an A in both parts of the statistics course!! Sara is compassionate and kind, she works with you at your pace and builds from there. As someone who is extremely anxious about math, she was able to minimize those feelings for me instantly. I never thought I would like math, but she actually made it enjoyable and I always looked forward to our next meeting. For my second semester, I did online tutoring with Sara, which was amazing. Not only are you in the comfort of your own home, it’s flexible, and all the notes that are made throughout the sessions are in one accessible space! So convenient! I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about math which I never thought I was capable of doing and I have grown as a student because of her. I wouldn’t of been able to accomplish not only the grades I got, but my overall level of understanding without her. She is not only an phenomenal tutor, she is an outstanding person. I highly recommend working with her!! “


Jaclyn Silver, Statistics, MSVU

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