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Hand of Student Doing Online Tutoring on Computer

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Top Five Reasons Why People Love Online Tutoring:

  1. There’s no commute! Time is not wasted on travel and you don’t need to find a parking space.

  2. You can learn in the comfort of your own home. No one will know you are meeting with a tutor; it’ll be our secret. Feel comfortable asking any questions. Stay focused and engaged with fewer distractions. And you can wear your pj’s!

  3. Organization. All the notes are automatically saved in a OneNote file. The program acts like a file folder system. Folders are labelled according to dates and multiple pages within the file can be named. The file is shared with you using a link so you can have access to it at any time. No more lost notes!!

  4. Pictures, diagrams, graphs, and calculators! In OneNote we are able to add multiple copies of the same picture or diagram if we need to write on it multiple times. You will have copies of how to read statistical tables and the periodic table with highlighting instead of just a verbal explanation. A picture of your calculator can be added so I can show you which buttons to use. Step by step screenshots of the TI 84 calculator can be added so you won’t forget how to use it.

  5. Visibility. There won’t be any hands or heads in the way when you’re reading the notes I’m writing. You also won’t be reading on an angle. The notes will be right in front of you on your screen.

How Does It Work?

I meet with students online via Skype.  Once we connect via video call, I will share my computer screen with you. You will be able to see everything I do on my computer.


I have a touch screen computer and write with a stylus pen in Microsoft OneNote. It will allow me to hand write and draw just like I would if I met you in person. I am able to use graphing paper in OneNote to teach you how to graph by hand. I also have a graphing calculator emulator so I am able to show you how to use the calculator.  


The work we do can be automatically saved every time a change is made. I will share a link with you in Skype so you can have access to the file whenever you need it. The file I share with you will be a version you can edit. We will both be able to make changes to the same document, so we can work together on the same page in real time. You can also add content before our appointment to save time, making our meeting more efficient.


To watch a video demonstration of how OneNote works, visit the “What I Teach” page on my website and select the appropriate grade level.

Halifax Tutor Doing Online Tutoring

How To Get Set Up For Online Tutoring:


Making an Appointment: 

  1. Decide which type of service you’re interested in (see Services Offered page). If setting up a weekly appointment for the semester, visit the “schedule” page to choose a time (it is not an interactive schedule). Send an email to with your requested service, and if meeting weekly, your requested time.

  2. Complete and return a student information form and a signed a contract regarding policies. These forms will be sent to you when you request your appointment.

  3. Send payment for your appointment(s) via e-transfer to If meeting weekly, payment for the month is due one week before the first of that month (for example, if booking for the fall semester, payment for the full month of September is due one week before Sept.1st). Payment for periodic meetings must be received within one hour of your requested appointment.


What to do Before Your First Meeting:

  1. Download Skype for free. 

  2. Add Ms.Teachalot on Skype (ms.s.teachalot_1). When you find me send me a message so we will be connected.

  3. Get Microsoft OneNote (it's free). Kevin has a great video to show you how to do so.

  4. Send Sara any content you'd like to use/work on during your appointment via email. That can be slides your prof posted on Google Classroom, Moodle, or Brightspace, assignments saved in a file, periodic tables and statistics tables you've been using in class, pictures of textbook problems, screenshots of online assignments, etc. 


What to do 15 Minutes Before Your Appointment:

  1. Open and login to Skype. 

  2. Do a test call on Skype to make sure your video and audio are working properly.

  3. Be sure to have all the materials you'll need for the appointment with you: notebook, pencil, eraser, calculator, periodic table or statistics tables.....water, coffee, and a cat in your lap.... :)

  4. Wait for Sara to send you a “Ready?” in Skype. Reply when you are ready and Sara will make the call. Answer the call with video. Enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home!

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

"I’ve had Sara as a tutor for 3 university semesters and she is absolutely amazing! Math had never been my strong suit, but Sara works with you and focuses on what you need help with the most. She helps you figure out what learning strategy works best for you and teaches you shortcuts that not many professors show you. Sara is so friendly, professional and understanding. She makes the experience so much better! I was absolutely terrified taking Statistics I and II, after having to take College Algebra, however I ending up finishing all 3 classes in the A range because of Sara’s help! I recommend her to anyone who struggles with math the way I did, you will not be disappointed with her services!"


Shaelynn Baxter, MATH0020 (A-), MATH2208&2209 (A- & A) MSVU

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