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Teaching Methods

My method of teaching depends on your wants and needs. I am flexible since every student has different learning styles, needs, and goals.


My goal is to teach students how to learn efficiently so they can be self-sufficient in the future. This can include support to help students develop organization and time management skills, note-taking skills, and test preparation skills, which will all help to cope with test anxieties.


Often there is a focus on problem solving, since most students find higher level problems and word problems more challenging. I want my students to feel confident so that they can reach their full potential. 

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“It had been ten years since I last took a math course in high school and so my distance statistics course through Athabasca University proved to be a bit of a challenge. When I ran into some difficulty I found Sara via her website and thank god I did. Sara helped me understand the concepts I was learning, work through many assignments, provided me with practice questions and helped me prepare for my midterm and final exam. I would have never made it through this course without her help! I have and would continue to recommend her knowledge and expertise to anyone! I'm happy to say I finished my stats course with an A- and I have Sara to thank for that. Thank you! :)”

Kristen Clark, Introductory Statistics, Athabasca University

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