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"Sara is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. She has the online resources, teaching methods, and skills to effectively deliver remote tutoring sessions. She always makes me feel understood and supported and helps me to tackle tricky concepts. Sara is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with, she makes math bearable- and even fun! I am so grateful to have her as my tutor- thank you so much Sara!"

— Claire Conyers, Math 1215 & Stat 1060, Dalhousie University

Math Equations and a Pen

“Sara was a great help and extremely professional, she was not only helpful but also able to thoroughly explain all the concepts that I was having trouble with. Despite the fact that math is one of my hardest subjects to learn my grades shot up from a C to a B+ thanks to Sara. It was great having a tutor that was so prepared and easy to relate to. Overall she was an excellent statistics tutor whom I would recommend

to everyone.”

- Venus Bali, Stats 1060 and Stats 2080,

Dalhousie University, C to a B+

“My prior experience with university-level statistics was one of fear, total confusion, and very poor grades. With tutoring, I developed confidence in my own ability to problem-solve, apply the correct formulas, and think clearly: In short, I understood the concepts thoroughly, and wrote my exams with confidence. I also got an A!”

- Jamie MacDougall, Stats 1060,

Dalhousie University, C+ to an A

Math Equation, a Pen and a Calculator

“After a moment of panic and complete confusion in my statistics lab, I quickly went on a search for a tutor.  Fortunately for me, Sara still had a weekly appointment available and I eagerly took it.  Best decision I made in the semester.  Sara was friendly, professional and explained concepts in many ways in order to help me grasp the material. Thanks to her help and numerous examples, I succeeded in not only passing my class but passing with an A!  I highly recommend working with Sara, she is an excellent tutor.”

- Olivia Osburn, Math 2208, MSVU

Lauren, Application of Basic Statistics for Nursing Practice .. South Carolina, US

“I was in a desperate search for a statistics tutor for my online course after several local tutors declined due to the complexity of the material. I discovered Sara’s website through a Facebook search. After I had messaged her, I realized she was in Canada. Sara still offered her online tutoring services, allowing me to be the first student she taught online from the US.  The tutoring went effortlessly, and we had no interruptions with connection given the distance.  Sara is very knowledgeable in statistics and will teach you so you can understand the material. I’m happy to say I passed my course. I’m not sure if it would have been possible without the help of Sara.  I highly recommend her tutoring services. You won’t be disappointed.”

Taylor, PSYO 2501 (Statistics Methods for Psychology), Dalhousie University

“Over the summer I was dreading the statistics course I had to take in order to fulfill my degree requirement.  With the absence of math from my life for three years I knew that this course would be an obstacle for me.  With Sara’s patience and effective teaching skills I achieved great understanding and confidence with the course material, and even ended up enjoying the course as well.  Sara is not only an effective teacher, but a kind and gracious person who has helped me see my potential in the academic world.”

Sonya Bowers, MATH 1000, Dalhousie University

"I moved to Halifax to complete prerequisite courses, calculus etc..., which I desperately tried to avoid throughout my undergraduate degree from another university. So, when I got to Dal I was terrified. Sara took the time to fully explain the concepts and theories in calculus and she did it in a way that made the language of math seem more "English" and thus, more understandable. The confidence that I acquired through working with Sara inspired me in all of my other courses as well and I would recommend her tutoring services to everyone!"

Students Doing Chemistry

"Starting school again, after 7 years was very overwhelming, especially since I am taking Chemistry, a subject I have always struggled with.  With the help of Sara Young, I have been able to understand the concepts of chemistry, and maintain a B average.  I am very pleased with the comfortable atmosphere and style of learning Sara implicates.  I feel that I have a good understanding of the material we have covered during and after each session.  Sara has really helped me to realize the potential I have in this course and I would recommend her tutoring services to anyone."

Shannon McMullin, Chemistry, Mount Saint Vincent University

“I was never a strong math student. Going into university I didn’t have an academic math credit or even have grade 12 math. I even tried taking a prerequisite math course and to put it in perspective so you understand my math abilities, I was getting anywhere from 20%-30% on my tests. I needed to take statistics to complete my degree. I knew I would need help and to say Sara helped me is the biggest understatement. I met with Sara throughout my time in both Math 2208 and Math 2209 and I was able to get an A in both parts of the statistics course!! Sara is compassionate and kind, she works with you at your pace and builds from there. As someone who is extremely anxious about math, she was able to minimize those feelings for me instantly. I never thought I would like math, but she actually made it enjoyable and I always looked forward to our next meeting. For my second semester, I did online tutoring with Sara, which was amazing. Not only are you in the comfort of your own home, it’s flexible, and all the notes that are made throughout the sessions are in one accessible space! So convenient! I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about math which I never thought I was capable of doing and I have grown as a student because of her. I wouldn’t of been able to accomplish not only the grades I got, but my overall level of understanding without her. She is not only an phenomenal tutor, she is an outstanding person. I highly recommend working with her!! “

Jaclyn Silver, Statistics, MSVU

“In my first year of university at Dalhousie I found myself a bit overwhelmed with some of my more difficult courses luckily I saw the “Ms.Teachalot” poster hanging in the Killam. Sara has helped me with chemistry, calculus, and statistics. After starting tutoring part way through the first semester I found myself more collected and my performance with quizzes and assignment began to rise. When I started tutoring with Sara my GPA was a 3.4 and I finished second semester with a 4.1!  Despite my first year being cut short due to Covid-19 I was still able to continue tutoring with Sara online and it was amazing! Thank You Sara for everything you have done for me during the good and crazy times during my first year in University. I feel more confident going into my second year!”

Keely Matsusaki, MATH 1215, STAT 1060 & CHEM 1011/1012

Female Student
Hand of Student

“Before meeting with Sara I was feeling overwhelmed in my Statistics course and even feared there was a possibility I might fail the final exam.  After meeting with Sara only twice she was able to provide much needed clarification of various methods of statistical analysis and where each could and should be applied.  She was also of great assistance in allowing me to organize the topics so that the time I spent studying was much more productive and ultimately beneficial.”

B.L. Moran, Stats 2209, MSVU, C+ to an A-

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