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Statistics (for all fields of study), Pre-Cal, Introductory Calculus, Introductory General Chemistry

You will be required to send me the course code with a description of the course or the syllabus when requesting tutoring. This is so I can determine if I will be the best tutor for you.


Typically, university students are looking for help completing assignments and for clarification regarding their lectures. This preparation is key to scoring well on midterms and exams. Usually, I teach the content while we work on the assignment together. I write detailed notes, not skipping any steps. If we come to a concept that requires background knowledge the student does not remember or was never taught, such as the unit circle, we can review those concepts.

With all this detail, it is unlikely to complete an entire assignment in a one-hour appointment. Ideally the student will begin their assignment and complete what they can on their own, identifying what they have the most difficulty with. Those problems will be the focus of our appointment.

If the student has completed their assignment for the week, we can do extra practice problems on the concepts already taught in class to solidify their understanding and to further develop problem solving skills. If the student is confident in the material covered already, I can give a lesson on the next topic and demonstrate how to solve problems of that type. Students who are able to remain ahead of the class will score higher on their assessments. To stay ahead of the class, it is recommended to begin tutoring before the course begins.

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“After a moment of panic and complete confusion in my statistics lab, I quickly went on a search for a tutor.  Fortunately for me, Sara still had a weekly appointment available and I eagerly took it.  Best decision I made in the semester.  Sara was friendly, professional and explained concepts in many ways in order to help me grasp the material. Thanks to her help and numerous examples, I succeeded in not only passing my class but passing with an A!  I highly recommend working with Sara, she is an excellent tutor.”


Olivia Osburn, Math 2208, MSVU

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