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Junior High

Grades 7-9 Math


Typically, middle school students are looking for help with homework. If the student is unable to start their homework problems because they didn’t understand the concepts taught in class, a lesson will be given during a tutoring appointment. Usually, example problems are used to explain. Sometimes apps to demonstrate concepts visually are used.

Once the student feels comfortable, they will begin their homework. While the student completes problems, if there are any gaps in their knowledge or skills they will be identified and addressed. This may mean another lesson on a different topic and practice on that concept.

If the student has already completed all their classwork, either additional practice will be provided if they haven’t mastered the topic, or a lesson on the next unit to be taught in their classroom will be given. Students who are able to remain ahead of the classroom work will score higher on their assessments. To stay ahead of the class, it is recommended to begin tutoring before the school year begins.

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“Would highly recommend Sara as a tutor.  She taught the concepts in an interesting and fun way and increased my confidence.”

Chelsea Riles, Grade 8 Math Below a C to a C

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