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For anyone interested in my tutoring services.


If you’re interested in tutoring, but nervous about signing up because you don’t know what to expect from online tutoring, request a free 15-minute consultation.

During this time, you’ll meet me, Sara, a.k.a. Ms. Teachalot, so I won’t be a stranger during your first tutoring appointment. We’ll get all the tech stuff figured out. I’ll show you some features in Skype that you may not have known about and how OneNote works (the program we’ll be using to store your notes). I’ll demonstrate how we can share materials efficiently and other tools that may help with your learning. We’ll discuss your goals and what style of teaching works best for you. Be sure to ask any questions and raise any concerns you may have.

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Free for 15 minutes!

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“Sara is extremely professional, organized and genuinely cares about how well you do in the course. She was my tutor for stats - a course I was dreading since the beginning of my university experience. I am not strong in math courses, but somehow I received a final grade of A in the class with her help. I am grateful for her expertise and how well she knew the course curriculum. Thank you, Sara!!”


Elizabeth Church, MGSC 2207, SMU