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Group Tutoring

For mature, motivated, and focused high school students & university students.


If you’re looking for a more affordable tutoring option and work well in group settings, this is the service you may be looking for. 

In order to have a personalized group tutoring appointment, and not just another lecture, students will add screenshots, photos, and/or files of questions and/or class notes they would like to review in the Skype group chat at least the day before the appointment. Students can "like" posts their group members have posted that they are also interested in reviewing. The content with the most "likes" I will review first. Notes will be recorded in OneNote and students will have access to the file at any time they wish. 

Groups are formed by students. Group members must be in the same class so everyone is working on the same content. Groups can be between 2 to 5 students.  Each group member is to contact me to register for group tutoring, then I will create a group in Skype.

This service is available for a weekly meeting for the entire semester only. Payment is made monthly and is non-refundable due to the nature of group meetings.

Contact me once you have a group that is interested to get started.

$25/hour/person for a group of 2

$20/hour/person for a group of 3-5

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“Sara is extremely professional, organized and genuinely cares about how well you do in the course. She was my tutor for stats - a course I was dreading since the beginning of my university experience. I am not strong in math courses, but somehow I received a final grade of A in the class with her help. I am grateful for her expertise and how well she knew the course curriculum. Thank you, Sara!!”


Elizabeth Church, MGSC 2207, SMU

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