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For grades 7 through to 9 Math.

In middle school students don’t have the luxury of selecting the level of math they’d like to learn. Students of the same age are together in the same class regardless of their abilities. This means students who are capable of more, are bored and potentially being held back. Unless you choose to change to a private school, your student may become frustrated, act out, and see a drop in grades.

If this sounds like your student’s situation, they may benefit from meeting with a tutor who can challenge them and get them excited about math again. First, we’ll make sure your student is meeting their current curriculum’s outcomes, only with more challenging problems, and relate those concepts to something that may be of interest to them. Once they’ve met the outcomes for their current grade level, we will take it to the next level until their classroom teacher has switched to a different topic. If the classroom teacher has been spending a long time on the same topic, we may explore something different to keep your student interested.

This service is a commitment for the entire semester. We meet at the same time weekly. Payment for the following month’s appointments is due one week before the first of the month.


Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“Before meeting with Sara I was feeling overwhelmed in my Statistics course and even feared there was a possibility I might fail the final exam.  After meeting with Sara only twice she was able to provide much needed clarification of various methods of statistical analysis and where each could and should be applied.  She was also of great assistance in allowing me to organize the topics so that the time I spent studying was much more productive and ultimately beneficial.”

B.L. Moran, Stats 2209, MSVU, C+ to an A-

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