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Periodic Support

For grades 7 through to University level Math, Statistics, and Chemistry.

For students who are generally doing well, but sometimes need clarification, this service is for you.

Appointments for this service are made week to week via weekly availability emails. Contact me to request placement on the appropriate mailing list: Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April), Spring (May-June), or Summer (July-August). Payment is due within the hour of confirmation of the appointment; otherwise, it is made available to the next student.


Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“When I found out I needed to take Statistics to complete my major, I instantly knew it would be a challenge. When I began meeting with Sara for help, I instantly felt a difference in my understanding. She went into detail about the concepts and even showed me many ways to simplify techniques to understand them better. She also helped boost my confidence and made me feel as though I could do it. I couldn't have passed the course without her help! 110% recommend her as a tutor!!!!”


Danielle Goguen, Psychological Statistics, Saint Mary’s University

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