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Senior High

Grades 10-12 Math at Work, Academic Math, IB Math, Pre-Cal, and Calculus

Grades 11-12 Chemistry


Typically, senior high school students are looking for help with homework. If the student is unable to start their homework problems because they did not understand the concepts taught in class, a lesson will be given during a tutoring appointment. Usually, example problems are used to explain. Sometimes apps to demonstrate concepts visually are used.

Once the student feels comfortable, they will begin their homework. While the student completes problems, if there are any gaps in their knowledge or skills they will be identified and addressed. This may mean another lesson on a different topic and practice on that concept.

If the student has already completed all their classwork, either additional practice will be provided if they have not mastered the topic, and review of the unit to prepare for an upcoming test will be completed, or a lesson on the next unit to be taught in their classroom will be given. Students who are able to remain ahead of the classroom work will score higher on their assessments. To stay ahead of the class, it is recommended to begin tutoring before the school year begins.

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without Sara’s help in my grade 11 year with Chemistry. I was so nervous to take that class, but every week she helped me with all of my assignments, getting ready for tests, and practice work sheets. I drove an hour every week just so I could go see Sara, that should definitely tell you something!! I have never had a teacher explain something so clearly, be so patient, and extremely understanding. She made all of my tests so much less stressful and walked me through things I never would’ve understood without her. On top of the work, I genuinely looked forward to every meeting with Sara. She was so sweet, and I loved getting to talk, and share pictures of our cats! I truly recommend Sara to absolutely everyone. To top it off I got a great mark in chemistry.”


Abbi Johnston, Grade 11 Chemistry

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