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Math Formulas Showing Algebra

Hi, I'm Sara (aka Ms. Teachalot), I've been helping students study and succeed in the classroom and beyond. I've been tutoring in Halifax since 1997. I am a certified teacher and I offer academic support in math and chemistry, building confidence and boosting grades.

 Grade Levels I Teach

Junior High

Senior High

University and College

Online Tutoring Services I Offer

Female Student

Full Semester Weekly Ongoing Support

Student Contacting Tutor

Periodic Support


Nova Scotia Tutoring for Grade 10 Prep

Grade 10 Prep


College students using laptop while sitting at table. Group study for school assignment..j

Group Tutoring


University Student

University Prep


Female Student



Student Doing Online Tutoring

Keep Up the Momentum in the Summer

Male Student Doing Online Tutoring

Fill in the Gaps


Reduced Anxiety and Increased Confidence

Work with a trusted teacher in the comfort of your home, without judgement, and realize your potential. With increased confidence comes reduced anxiety.

Stronger Math Skills

Work smarter, not harder, with tips on how to make math problems easier and faster to complete.

Improved Grades

Most of my students who’ve “never been good at math” have achieved A’s.

Personalized One on One Instruction

Feel comfortable asking questions in private meetings. Lessons are tailored for you, so you learn what you need, when you need it.

Students Holding Testimonial Signs

“In a very short period of time my understanding of the subject improved significantly.  Sara was able to explain to me in a very efficient way how to make sense of all those numbers.  She is patient, kind and wants to know your learning style so she can help you better.  Now being a graduate student, I have used the services of many tutors in the past and she is by far the best.”

Camille Hannan, Statistics (Quantitative Decision Making for MBAs) 62% to an 87%

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